Dr. Shue-Jane L. Thompson

Director, Performance Excellence Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions


  1. Adaptive Asian American Leadership
  2. Diversity and Inclusion in the Private Sector
  3. Alignment of Mission and Technology Management


Dr. Shue-Jane L. Thompson is the Director of Performance Excellence (PE) and leads a group of 50+ performance and quality engineers overseeing Lockheed Martin’s (LM) Civil programs, a $4B+ business area. Prior to her PE assignment, she was the lead for LM’s service management practice with differentiating end-to-end service engineering capabilities for domestic and international services programs, an $8B+ program portfolio. Dr. Thompson has over 27 years of commercial, government and international business development, technical and P&L experience including leading and managing many large nation-wide and international captures and programs. Throughout her career, she was recognized as an outstanding customer interface and team leader. She has served in many executive positions including leading strategic campaigns, Corporate Must-Win captures, and chief technology offices.

I am happy to facilitate workshop for career development or perform mentorship if it’s needed.

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