AAGEN Speakers' Bureau

Purpose: To compile contact, current position, topics, and biographies of volunteering AAGEN member speakers to speak outside of AAGEN on speeches within the scope of AAGEN’s mission.

To invite an AAGEN speaker to speak at your organization: Please contact our speakers directly through their email addresses listed on our webpage.

To become an AAGEN speaker (for AAGEN members only) or to ask a question regarding the Speakers’ Bureau: Please email your profiles (contact info, current position, topics, and biographies) or address related question(s) directly to C.J. George Chang (gchang2012@yahoo.com; 240-793-8425).

List of AAGEN member speakers:

Jer Donald Get

Executive Director, Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, US Transportation Command



1)    The business case for diversity
2)    Breaking the stereotype of Asian Americans – achieving excellence in a variety of professions
3)    Asian American’s Military Legacy
4)    Career transitions

Dr. Shue-Jane L. Thompson

Director, Performance Excellence Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions



1)    Adaptive Asian American Leadership
2)    Diversity and Inclusion in the Private Sector
3)    Alignment of Mission and Technology Management


Carson K. Eoyang, PhD

Emeritus Professor, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA



1)    Getting Ahead: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
2)    Executive Learning
3)    Organizational Cultures
4)    Confessions of an Asian American


Derek K. Hirohata

Colonel, USAF



1)    AF
2)    Special Ops
3)    Missile Ops


Joseph Ayoub

Lead Economist, Department of Energy



1)    Leadership in the Federal Government
2)    Managing Diversity
3)    The Presidential Management Fellows Program
4)    How to Manage Your Federal Career    

Les Jin

Recently retired from the federal government. Currently on the board of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) Law Foundation; member of NAPABA Civil Rights Committee and the Pro Bono and Community Services Committee. 



1)   senior management leadership;

2)   not-for-profit leadership;

3)   civil rights;

4)   lawyers as leaders and managers;

5)   role of senior political appointee leaders and relationship with career SES and other career staff. 

Paul White, DTM

Chief Ambassador for Washington DC's Toastmasters District 27; Retiree, Senior Foreign Service Minister Counselor in the U.S. Embassies, US Department of State 




        1)    Communicate Effectively - Climb to the Top
               2)   PUBLIC SPEAKING 
a.  Add Storytelling to your speeches to capture audience interest and make your messages memorable
 b.  How to use Mind-mapping in preparing and delivering captivating speeches with powerful messages
 c.  Evaluation - how to give effective evaluations of others and how to use feedback to improve your public speaking

       d.     Basic Course 101 - Public Speaking for the Public Service

                  a. The U.S. - Japan Development Cooperation Partnership - a focus on Global Issues
                  b. Lessons Learned On the Ground from the Vietnam War
                  c. Zen as a Vehicle for Advancing in U.S. Government Public Service
Bringing the Government, Non-Government Organizations and the for-profit Private Sector                         into
Partnership - Lessons from Japan

      4)    SOCIAL ISSUES
          a.  Growing Up in America as a Minority
  b. Prejudice in America and Japan - a Comparison
                  c. A Life Influenced by Koizumi Yakumo
                  d. The East-West Center - A Learning and Cultural Bridge between America and Asia    


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